APEXI Active Valve Tail Silencer (Turbo Models, 115mm)

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Active Tail Silencer by Apexi.

Keep your low end torque and stay discrete.
At the same time allow your exhaust to flow freely when flooring the accelerator!

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– Current tail silencers are a restriction for power under high load and the user sacrifices power for quieter sound.

– The ATS allows for quiet sound during low load, but under high load, the pressure activated valve opens wide up
for straight through power!!

– The ATS eliminates the need to constantly install or remove the tail silencer.

– The ATS (Active Tail Silencer) comes in 115mm and 90mm sizes for most exhaust system applications.

– APEX Exclusive Design

– No need to change exhaust systems! Any A’PEX muffler can become a variable sound system!


– Exhaust pressure activated tail silencer valve

– Exclusive tail silencer design

– Uses High Grade Ball Plunger Type Valve and Treatment Pipe as the PS Revolution Exhaust

– Uses High Grade Inconel Spring

– Available in 115mm and 90mm sizes

– Maximum sound flexibility from residential areas to the local track

– Includes high temp bolts, washers, and locking pin


Part Number 155-A025
Outer Diameter 109.8mm
Inner Diameter 34mm.
Silencer Body Length 87mm.
Silencer Inlet Length 93mm.
Overall Length 180mm.

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