WedsSport SA-25R PSB Special Color

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Premium WedsSport Racing Wheels Made in Japan!

Swiss homologation included.


WedsSport’s SA-25R PSB Special Color

The SA-25R Series makes use of WedsSport’s signature AMF (advanced metal forming) technology, and presents one of the lightest wheels in their SA collection! Weighing as low as 5.11kg, these wheels are ideal for street and racing.

PSB coating adds to the unique quality of the SA-25R with innovative coating technology, applied with evaporated aluminum and brilliant deep coating which changes color depending on the viewing angle.

Get your own set now!

SA-25R coating

NEW – Now available in sizes 19/20inch !


  • Color: PSB (Platinum Silver Black)
  • Weight: 5.11kg – 10.12kg
  • Sizes: 15×5.0J – 20×9.5J
  • Made in Japan


Informations complémentaires

Poids 10 kg
Wheel Size

15×5.0J ET45, 4*100, 15×6.0J ET38, 4*100, 15×6.0J ET48, 4*100, 16×5.0J ET45, 4*100, 16×6.5J ET38, 4*100, 16×6.5J ET50, 4*100, 16×7.0J ET42, 5*114, 16×7.0J ET48, 5*100, 16×7.0J ET52, 5*114, 17×7.0J ET40, 5*114.3, 17×7.0J ET43, 4*100, 17×7.0J ET48, 5*100, 17×7.0J ET48, 5*114, 17×7.0J ET50, 4*100, 17×7.0J ET53, 5*114.3, 17×7.5J ET45, 5*114, 17×7.5J ET48, 5*100, 18×7.0J ET47, 5*114.3, 18×7.0J ET53, 5*114.3, 18×7.5J ET35, 5*114, 18×7.5J ET45, 5*100, 18×7.5J ET45, 5*114, 18×8.5J ET35, 5*114, 18×8.5J ET45, 5*100, 18×8.5J ET50, 5*114, 18x8J ET45, 5*114, 18×9.5J ET12, 5*114, 18×9.5j ET38, 5*114, 18×9.5j ET45, 5*100, 18×9.5J ET45, 5*114, 19×8.0J ET45, 5*114, 19×8.5J ET38, 5*114, 19×8.5J ET45, 5*112, 19×8.5J ET45, 5*114, 19×9.5J ET38, 5*114, 19×9.5J ET48, 5*114, 20×8.5J ET38, 5*114, 20×8.5J ET45, 5*114, 20×9.5J ET38, 5*114, 20×9.5J ET48, 5*114


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