WedsSport SA-77R WBC

CHF 451.67CHF 461.71

Premium WedsSport Racing wheels made in Japan!

Swiss homologation included.


15 16 17 18 ​INCH  
WedsSport SA-77R
WedsSport Wheels are a highly respected brand in Japan, combining a sleek Racing design and high quality metal forging (AMF). All at an affordable price for street use!
Note: The SA-77R wheel model is discontinued. Get the last few before they’re gone for good!
  • Color: WBC
  • Weight: 5.16kg – 9.86kg
  • With each Wheel, a center cap and a valve stem is included.

Informations complémentaires

Poids 8 kg
Wheel Size

15×5.0J ET45, 4*100, 15×6.0J ET38, 4*100, 15×6.0J ET48, 4*100, 16×5.0J ET45, 4*100, 16×6.5J ET38, 4*100, 16×6.5J ET50, 4*100, 16×7.0J ET42, 5*114, 16×7.0J ET48, 5*100, 16×7.0J ET52, 5*114, 17×7.0J ET43, 4*100, 17×7.0J ET45, 5*100, 17×7.0J ET48, 5*114, 17×7.0J ET50, 4*100, 17×7.5J ET45, 5*114, 17×7.5J ET48, 5*100, 18×7.5J ET35, 5*114, 18×7.5J ET45, 5*100, 18×7.5J ET45, 5*114, 18×8.5J ET35, 5*114, 18×8.5J ET45, 5*100, 18×8.5J ET50, 5*114, 18×9.5j ET38, 5*114, 18×9.5j ET45, 5*100, 18×9.5J ET45, 5*114


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