Yokohama Logos, set of 4, permanent kit for 17″ to 19″ tyres

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Customize Your Tires with Yokohama Logos !

  • Permanent decal, raised rubber
  • Long term durability (> 90.000 km of daily driving)
  • Fits tires from 14″ to 19″
  • Choose below
  • Letter height : 32 mm (1,25″)
  • Fitting instructions and video below

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Application Instructions

  • Locate the smoothest section of your tire sidewall.
  • Clean the tire sidewall thoroughly with acetone or brake cleaner, until no dirt or oil is picked up with the rag. If your tire is not new, don’t hesitate to use light sandpaper to roughen surface. This step is crucial to guarantee long term durability. Repeat this step as many times as necessary.
  • Gently clean the back of the decals with acetone of brake cleaner.
  • Apply FleXement adhesive on the backside of each decal. Cover the whole letter’s surface rigorously.
  • Hold decals in place and apply firm pressure with your fingertips for 30 seconds. Apply no more than 3 or 4 letters at a time for the best results (the glue can dry with air contact).
  • Repeat previous step until all letters are applied.
  • Once fully applied, allow decal to rest for five minutes, then carefully remove clear transfer film. Check for edges that need touching up with adhesive. If an area was missed, apply a small amount of adhesive to seal edges of each letter.
  • Once all edges are sealed, allow decals to sit for a minimum of one hour before driving or washing (12 hours ideally).
  • Send us your pictures !

Application Video

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