WedsSport SA-99R BLCII

CHF 557.06CHF 622.30

Premium WedsSport Racing Wheels Made in Japan!

Swiss homologation included.


WedsSport is a highly respected Wheel manufacturer in Japan, producing wheels for all types of car enthusiasts.
What makes their wheels so popular is their devotion to weight reduction with their AMF (Advanced Metal Forming technology).

The SA series is an abbreviation for street advantage, combining a sleek design and weight reduction ideal for the street. 


  • Finish: BLCII (Blue Light Chrome 2)
  • Weight: 6.75kg – 8.83kg.
  • Sizes: 17×6.5J – 18×9.5J

Informations complémentaires

Poids 10 kg
Wheel Size

17×6.5J ET42 4*100, 17×6.5J ET50 4*100, 17×7.5J ET45, 5*114, 17×7.5J ET48, 5*100, 18×7.5J ET35, 5*114, 18×7.5J ET45, 5*100, 18×7.5J ET45, 5*114, 18×8.0J ET42 5*114.3, 18×8.5J ET35, 5*114, 18×8.5J ET45, 5*100, 18×8.5J ET50, 5*114, 18×9.5j ET38, 5*114, 18×9.5j ET45, 5*100, 18×9.5J ET45, 5*114


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