WedsSport TC105X FORGED

CHF 903.34CHF 983.64

Premium WedsSport Racing Wheels Made in Japan!

Swiss homologation included.


WedsSport’s ultimate racing wheel inspired by super GT in Japan, the TC105X Forged.

Superior Made in Japan quality, with many advantages such as:
– Ultra light weight even at max size (18×9.5in at 7.61kg!!).
– Ultra strong lightweight paint (EJ Titan)
– Anti Slip groves on the Wheel barrel
– Special barrel design allowing very good brake clearance for your big brake kits
– AMF Technology, advanced Metal Forming original Technology by Weds

tc105x forged


Informations complémentaires

Poids 8 kg

Compatible with most Japanese Cars

Wheel Size

18×10.0J ET20 5*114, 18×10.0J ET35 5*114, 18×10.5J ET25, 5*114, 18×8.5J ET32, 5*114, 18×8.5J ET43, 5*112, 18×8.5J ET43, 5*114, 18×9.0 ET32 5*114, 18×9.0J ET32, 5*112, 18×9.5J ET35, 5*112, 18×9.5J ET35, 5*114


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